Terms and Conditions

We endeavor relationships based on a transparent determination with cohesion and honesty with our developers, clients and other business associates.

These terms and conditions for the supply of SEO administrations

These terms and conditions for the supply of SEO administrations

These pages, the request structure and the installment timetable let you know the terms and conditions on which we supply any of the SEO administrations, recorded on our site at www.ybnd.com, to you. If it's not too much trouble, read these terms and conditions painstakingly before requesting any administrations from us. You ought to comprehend that by requesting any of our administrations, you consent to be bound.

If you don't mind comprehend that on the off chance that you decline to acknowledge these terms and conditions, you won't have the capacity to arrange any administrations from us. www.ybnd.com and www.yourbusinessnextdoor.com these locales worked by YBND Ltd. (we, us or YBND Digital Marketing) "Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V2NX, United Kingdom"  "Seagram Bldg., 375 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10152, United States" and "Edif. Arcos de Amon, calles 5 y 7 Av 11, San Jose – Costa Rica", Monday through Saturday 9am – 6pm.

Interpretation and definitions

1.1 in this understanding the accompanying terms should have the separate implications doled out to them: "agreement" implies these terms and conditions, the installment timetable and the request structure. In the occasion of any contention between the terms of this understanding, the points of interest of the request structure might win, aside from installment terms where the installment plan should win;

"the client" implies the organization its workers, operators, agents and sub foremen, to whom the administration is given as situated out on the request structure;

"initiation date" implies the date of beginning of the administrations as set out on the request structure; "expenses" implies the sums payable by the client for the administrations gave by YBND Digital Marketing as set out in the request structure;

"power majeure" implies any demonstration, occasion, oversight or mischance outside sensible ability to control including yet not restricted to demonstrations of god, flame, helping, blast, surge, amazing climate conditions, flare-up of dangers (whether war be announced or not), revolt, common issue or upheaval, demonstrations of terrorism, modern debate or acts or defaults of any neighborhood or focal government or other capable power;

"starting term" unless generally expressed on the request structure [one] year from the initiation date

"request structure" implies the clients concurred timetable for the procurement of administrations framing piece of these terms and conditions;

"installment calendar" implies the concurred timetable of installments that the client might make to YBND Digital Marketing for the administrations framing piece of these terms and conditions;

"the administration" implies the administrations to be given by YBND Digital Marketing as indicated in the request shape and further depicted on our site, www.ybnd.com or www.yourbusinessnextdoo.com;

1.2 the headings don't influence the understanding of the agreement.

1.3 any reference to a party's representatives incorporates its operators and sub-builders.

Utilization of the terms

2.1 these terms and conditions might apply to and be joined in the understanding.

2.2 no expansion to, variety of, avoidance or endeavored rejection of any term of the understanding might be tying on us unless in composing and marked by an appropriately approved illustrative of YBND Digital Marketing.

2.3 if the client wishes to change any piece of the understanding, the solicitation might be sent in composing to YBND Digital Marketing. YBND Digital Marketing might react to the client inside of 5 days in respect to whether it is readied to consent to the change and, provided that this is a true, subtle element of the expense of the change, any impact on some other piece of the agreement incorporating any change in timescales. The client may acknowledge such proposition inside such time as YBND Digital Marketing may indicate or, if none, inside of 7 days, fizzling which it should be regarded rejected. Pending acknowledgment or dismissal YBND Digital Marketing may keep on performing the understanding without reference to the solicitation.

Contractual terms

3.1 any citation is substantial for a time of 7 days just, and YBND Digital Marketing may withdraw it whenever by notification to the client. Any citation is given on the premise that no agreement should start to be until we dispatch an affirmation of request as per proviso 3.3.

3.2 every request or acknowledgment of a citation for administrations by the client might be esteemed to be an offer by the client subject to these conditions. The client might guarantee that its request is finished and precise.

3.3 no request for administrations set by the client might be considered to be acknowledged by us until a composed affirmation (counting email) is issued by us, or, if prior, when YBND Digital Marketing starts to give the administrations to the client.

3.4 no agreement may be wiped out by the client, aside from with the understanding in composing of brilliant movement and gave that the client reimburses YBND Digital Marketing in full against all misfortune (counting loss of benefit), expenses (counting the expense of all work and materials utilized), harms, charges and costs brought about by YBND Digital Marketing as an aftereffect of the undoing.

3.5 YBND Digital Marketing 's representatives are not approved to make any contractually tying representations concerning the administrations. In going into the understanding, the client recognizes that it doesn't depend on, and waives any case for rupture of, any such representations which have not been affirmed in composing by an approved officer of YBND Digital Marketing.

Client's commitments

4.1 the client will furnish YBND Digital Marketing with sensible immediate and remote access to its site, and might give such other sensible help as YBND Digital Marketing may demand, including, however not constrained to, giving source code and other factual, symptomatic data and other pertinent data needed to empower YBND Digital Marketing to conform to its commitments under this understanding.

4.2 the client might agree to bearings and exhortation from YBND Digital Marketing inside of a sensible period.

4.3 the client might not meddle or disturb the administration.

Usage of administration

5.1. In light of the installment by the client of the expenses as per proviso 11 YBND Digital Marketing should give the administrations amid the duration of this understanding.

5.2. YBND Digital Marketing should be allowed to subcontract or outsource any of the administrations or commitments under this understanding.

5.3. YBND Digital Marketing will utilize sensible endeavors to furnish clients with the administrations as per the evaluated course of events set out in the request structure.

5.4. Where the administration being given requires, YBND Digital Marketing will liaise with the significant web office, facilitating organization or other third gathering keeping in mind the end goal to give the administrations. YBND Digital Marketing should not be subject for any demonstration or oversight by the pertinent web organization, facilitating organization or other third get-together, if such act or exclusion results in YBND Digital Marketing rupturing its commitments under this understanding.

5.5. YBND Digital Marketing won't roll out improvements to or redesign a client's site before composed or verbal assent from the client, expressing that YBND Digital Marketing have the privilege to roll out the concurred improvements and the client, as the site proprietor, consents to and assumes full liability for those progressions being made.

Main ten Google ensure

6.1 this condition might just apply if the Top Ten Google certification (label) administration is determined on the request structure and there are no charge installments remarkable.

6.2 YBND Digital Marketing may discount or give administrations in lieu to [the sum dictated by the chiefs of YBND Digital Marketing or sum indicated on the request structure or half of the charges in the 6-months period] if:

the client's site is not recorded on the first page of non supported postings in a Google us hunt down the magic words concurred in the request structure ("essential words"), inside of 6 months from the finishing of the concurred third party referencing battle to satisfy this insurance.

Google don't change their web crawler calculations inside of the 6-months period;

iii. the client has not and is not in rupture of any term or state of this agreement;

the client has not evacuated any of the administrations, changed magic words, changed

areas, meddled with the third party referencing or not agreed to the solicitation and guidance of

YBND Digital Marketing;

the client has not acted in a manner that the executive's of YBND Digital Marketing consider, at their sole caution, is negative to accomplishing the first page posting;

the client has not meddled with or impeded the administration;

vii. the client's site has been accessible for more than 99% of the 6-months period;

viii. the client has not ruptured any national or worldwide law; and

there are no different elements outside of the control of YBND Digital Marketing that have avoided or repressed its capacity to give the label administration.

6.3 the insurance will be esteemed satisfied by YBND Digital Marketing when at least one decisive word

concurred in the battle achieves at least position 10 in the non supported postings for www.google.com (pages from the us)

6.4 this assurance applies to Google us ventures and no other web indexes.

External link establishment

7.1 if expressed on the request structure YBND Digital Marketing should give the external link establishment administrations as determined on the sites, www.ybnd.com & www.yourbusnessnextdoor.com.

7.2 the quantity of connections expressed in the request structure is the quantity of connections that YBND Digital Marketing will give on the third party referencing report. The number is right at the point at, which the report is produced and quality controlled, whereupon it will be messaged to the client.

7.3 YBND Digital Marketing offer no certification for the time span every connection will stay live after the time when it has been affirmed and given an account of the client connection report.

Themed connection – 12-month join lifespan ensure

8.1 certification applies to live contract customers just, this implies customers that are still in an agreement with YBND Digital Marketing and keep on working with YBND Digital Marketing.

Avoidances from administrations

9.1 YBND Digital Marketing might be under no commitment to give administrations in appreciation of: i. issues coming about because of any alterations or customization of the domain;

joins that are evacuated by outsiders;

iii. any areas other than those predefined on the request structure;

9.2 the administrations do exclude:

the expense of any outsider programming redesigns or web improvement which YBND Digital Marketing exhorts are needed;

any site, facilitating or other specialized backing;


YBND Digital Marketing warrants to the client that all administrations supplied under this understanding will be completed with sensible consideration and aptitude by work force whose capabilities and experience will be proper for the errands to which they are apportioned.

Contract term

The administrations might initiate on the beginning date and should stay in power from year to year from that point, unless and until ended by either gathering giving 1-month notification terminating whenever after the end of the introductory term or generally as per whatever other proviso of this agreement.


12.1 the client might pay the expenses without set-off, finding or postponement, month to month ahead of time in the way determined in the installment plan. All costs are restrictive of vat and whatever other significant expenses. No administrations might be given until YBND Digital Marketing has got installment. YBND Digital Marketing might be entitled whenever, and every now and then, to expand the expenses to accord with any change in YBND Digital Giving so as to mark 's standard size of charges to the client at the very least [90] days' earlier composed notification.

12.2 if YBND Digital Marketing give any administrations excluded inside of the administrations at the solicitation of the client then YBND Digital Marketing should charge for the same at its then current cost and the client might pay any receipt brought up in appreciation of the same inside of 30 days.

12.3 time for installment of YBND Digital Marketing 's receipts should be of the pith of the understanding.

12.4 if the client neglects to make installment in full on the due date, the entire of the parity of the charges then remarkable might turn out to be promptly due and payable and, without preference to some other right or cure accessible to YBND Digital Marketing, YBND Digital Marketing may:

suitable any installment made by the client to any extraordinary entirety;

suspend all further conveyance of administrations until installment has been gotten in full.

12.5 the charges are not refundable, aside from where generally expressed in this.

12.6 Checks and direct charges returned unpaid by the client's bank and Visa installments returned unpaid will cause an organization charge which under all circumstances should be paid by the client.

End or suspension of administration

13.1 YBND Digital Marketing may, at its sole tact, suspend the administrations or end this agreement if the client:

neglects to pay any aggregate due under this agreement and such total stays unpaid for 14 days after composed notification from YBND Digital Marketing that such whole has not been paid;

stops to bear on business or get to be ruined, or have an overseer or recipient designated or go into liquidation or go into any concurrence with its loan bosses; or

iii. neglects to satisfy any of its commitments under any piece of this or some other understanding that it has with YBND Digital Marketing; or

meddles with or weakens the administration, or YBND Digital Marketing 's capacity to convey the administrations.

13.2 end of the understanding, however emerging, might not influence or preference the accumulated privileges of the gatherings as at end or the continuation of any procurement explicitly expressed to survive or verifiably surviving end.

Question determination strategy

14.1 if any question emerges regarding this agreement, executives or other senior delegates of the gatherings with power to settle the debate will, inside of 7 days of a composed solicitation from one gathering to the next, meet immediately in compliance with common decency to determine the debate.

14.2 if the debate is not determined as per condition 13.1, the question should be alluded to intervention and the middle person might be designated by the president of the Devon & Exeter Law Society.

14.3 if no intervention happens inside of 28 days of a solicitation under condition 13.2 then the matter should

be alluded to a specialist, to be selected, in default of agreement, on the solicitation of either gathering to the president of the British Computer Society. He or she should go about as an autonomous master and not as a mediator and his or her choice (counting as to expenses) might, with the exception of on account of show slip, be last and tying upon YBND Digital Marketing and the client.

Information security act

15.1 if any individual information (as characterized by the information security act 1998) is gone to YBND Digital Marketing under this understanding then the gatherings concur that the client is the information controller and that YBND Digital Marketing is the information processor.

15.2 the client warrants that it agrees to the information insurance act 1998

15.3 YBND Digital Marketing should:

process the individual information just as per directions from client;

process the individual information just to the degree, and in such way, as is essential for the procurement of the administrations or as is needed by law or any administrative body;

iii. execute proper specialized and authoritative measures to secure the individual information against unapproved or unlawful preparing or misfortune, decimation, harm, modification or divulgence; and

make sensible moves to guarantee the unwavering quality and secrecy of any of shrewd activity's faculty who have entry to the individual information.

Confinement of risk

16.1 the accompanying procurements set out the whole obligation of YBND Digital Marketing (counting any risk for the demonstrations or exclusions of its workers) to the client in appreciation of any rupture of the agreement and any representation, articulation or tortious act or oversight (counting carelessness) emerging out of or regarding the understanding.

16.2 all guarantees, conditions and different terms suggested by statute or regular law are avoided from the agreement minus all potential limitations degree allowed by law.

16.3 nothing in these conditions rejects or limits the risk of YBND Digital Marketing for death or individual damage brought on by YBND Digital Marketing 's carelessness or extortion or deceitful distortion.

subject to:

YBND Digital Marketing might not be at risk for any loss of benefits, loss of business, exhaustion of goodwill or comparative misfortunes or for any uncommon, aberrant or noteworthy misfortune, expenses, harms, charges or costs howsoever emerging; and

YBND Digital Marketing 's all out risk in contract, tort (counting carelessness or rupture of statutory obligation), deception, compensation or something else, emerging regarding the execution or mulled over execution of the agreement might be constrained to 200% of the aggregate charges got by YBND Digital Marketing in the timetable year in which the episode happens.

16.4 the procurements of this condition 15 should keep on applying despite the end or expiry of this understanding.

16.5 YBND Digital Marketing won't be at risk for any connections being evacuated by an outsider.


17.1 recovery as gave in this agreement every gathering should keep in strict certainty all specialized or business know-how, details, innovations, procedures or activities which are of a private nature and host been uncovered by one get-together to the next. Every gathering should confine revelation of such private material to such of its representatives as need to know the same with the end goal of releasing its commitments under the agreement and might guarantee that such workers are liable to relating commitments of confidentiality.

17.2 all materials, drawings, particulars and information supplied by YBND Digital Marketing to the client should at all times be and remain the selective property of YBND Digital Marketing, however might be held by the client in safe guardianship at its own particular danger until came back to YBND Digital Marketing, and should not be discarded or utilized other than as a part of understanding with YBND Digital Marketing 's composed guidelines or approval.

17.3 this condition might survive end of the understanding, however brought on.


18.1 neither gathering might, amid the continuation of the understanding, or inside of 6 months of its end, whether for itself or an outsider, request or try to allure away any worker of the other. In the occasion of rupture of this proviso the gathering in default might pay the other a total equivalent to six months' gross pay of the worker concerned being a pre-evaluation of the expense of enlistment and preparing a substitution.

Power majeure

19.1 YBND Digital Marketing might not be at risk to the client for any break of its commitments under this

the understanding if such break is because of or generously added to a power majored occasion.

19.2 if a power majeure occasion happens, YBND Digital Marketing might advise the client as quickly as time permits and make every single sensible move to alleviate the impacts of the power majeure occasion and resume execution.

Special materials

20.1 the client thus concurs that YBND Digital Marketing may allude to the client, by organization or exchanging name, and to the presence of this understanding in any showcasing or special materials.

20.2 to permit YBND Digital Marketing to refer to the names over the client gifts YBND Digital Marketing an eminence free permit to utilize the customers’rganization name, exchange name and logo as needed.


A waiver of any directly under the agreement is just powerful in the event that it is in composing and marked by or in the interest of the waiving party, and it applies just to the gathering to whom the waiver is tended to and the circumstances for which it is given.

Whole understanding

22.1 this understanding constitutes the entire agreement between the gatherings and supersedes every past agreement between the gatherings identifying with its topic.

22.2 every gathering recognizes that, in going into this agreement, it has not depended on, and should have no privilege or cure (other than for rupture of agreement) in admiration of, any announcement, representation, affirmation or guarantee (whether made carelessly or guiltlessly) other than as explicitly set out in this understanding.

22.3 in the occasion of any piece of this understanding being held inapplicable or absurd, the rest of the agreement should stay in full compel and any condition held inapplicable or preposterous might be implemented without limitations degree conceivable.


23.1 the client should not, without the former composed assent of YBND Digital Marketing, relegate, exchange, charge, sub-contract or arrangement in some other way with all or any of its rights or commitments under the understanding. 23.2 YBND Digital Marketing may whenever dole out, exchange, charge, sub-contract or arrangement in whatever other way with all or any of its rights or commitments under the agreement.

Outsider rights

The understanding is made for the advantage of the gatherings to it and (where relevant) their successors and an allowed dole out, and are not proposed to advantage, or are enforceable by, any other person.

Takes note

25.1 any notification needed to be offered in accordance with this agreement should be in composing and might be conveyed by hand or sent by pre-paid top of the line post or recorded conveyance post to the location of the gathering as set out in these conditions, or by email to [info@ybnd.com] or, for every situation, such different location as may be informed by one gathering to the next.

25.2 a notification conveyed by hand is regarded to have been gotten when conveyed (or, if conveyance is not in business hours, 9.00 am on the first business day taking after conveyance). An effectively tended to notice sent by pre-paid top of the line post or recorded conveyance post should be considered to have been gotten at the time at which it would have been conveyed in the typical course of post. An email might be considered to have been conveyed inside of 24 hours frame the season of being sent, provided that, no "non-deliverable" notice is received by the sender.

Overseeing law and ward

The agreement and any debate or cases emerging out of or regarding its topic are represented by and interpreted as per the law of England, Wales and Costa Rica and the courts of England, Wales and Costa Rica should have restrictive ward.


27.1. Accomplices or specialists don't speak to, are not approved to sign anything in the interest of or concur terms in the interest of, agreement for or concur either verbally or in composing any for YBND Digital Marketing.

27.2 if a client is discounted to some extent or in full charges paid for items and administrations from YBND Digital Marketing then any commissions paid because of that agreement would be torn once more from the accomplice or specialists without carefulness.

Changes to this understanding

28.1. YBND Digital Marketing may change this agreement where it is obliged to do as such, by telling the client in composing and giving 30 days' notification where conceivable. This would incorporate where changes to the law, rules connected by different powers, which require YBND Digital Marketing to adjust its strategies, approaches or administrations. 28.2. YBND Digital Marketing may whenever adjust this publishing so as to understand for new clients another concurrence on its site.